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    If you have any recipes that you would like us to share that you have made from some of our great products, please email via the Contact Us page.

    We load loads of recipes and ideas onto our facebook page - go 'like' us now and get real, functional food ideas.

    Chocolate Brownies

    Who doesn’t like a brownie? Who loves it when it’s a healthy one with a cinnamon twist? This gluten-free treat can be served warm as a lush desert or cold as a slice, and goes so nicely with a cup of tea or coffee. Don’t feel guilty – enjoy, knowing that all ingredients are whole, real and nourishing. I like to use all organic ingredients, but you can do this with conventional ingredients. That’s your choice. Read more

    Chocolate Coconut Fudge Slice and Cherry Ripe Slice

    This is a great recipe that you can make any time of the year and is also a healthy Easter treat that is so easy to make. The kids will love it! I have included a modification to it to make a yummo Cherry Ripe Slice! Read more

    Chocolate Superseed LOVE log

    This is a decadent treat to make for your loved one this Valentines Day or any day really as it is soooo delish! Read more

    Crunchy Gen1:29 SUPERSEED CRACKERS

    I double this mixture to make more! They go too fast! Very easy to make. Read more

    Dorothy’s Special Gluten Free Christmas Cake

    This special cake was made by friend Kim’s grandmother - Dorothy - and has been made for decades as part of their Christmas family tradition. It is a very special reminder of her beautiful energy and kind heart! For a chocolate twist add 1/4 cup Blendz Balance and Enliven - Raw Cacao and true cinnamon verum blend and omit the cinnamon. It is nut free. Read more

    GEN 1:29 Superseed Crackers

    The versatility of our Gen 1:29 Superseed rises again! These yummy Gluten Free crackers that are pretty useful... Soups, cheeses, snacks, salads. Read more

    GEN 1:29 Superseed Gluten Free Bread

    This is a great gluten and grain free bread recipe that is full of fiber and is really tasty. Quick and easy to prepare.

    To change it up - herb it up! To make it into a herbed bread, I use the Bragg Organic Season Sprinkle (you will find this in the pantry catalogue) both to the mix and sprinkle over the top whilst baking. Smells Amazing! Awesome with soup or served with slices of cheese and tomato. Read more

    Golden Milk - Turmeric and Ginger Tea

    Creamy, faintly sweet and fragrant with the potent flavors of ginger and turmeric, Golden Milk is a deeply nourishing drink, warming and perfect for winter afternoons. Makes 2 cups. Read more

    Home Made Chocolates

    Once you start to enjoy home made chocolate. Store bought chocolate will never taste the same again. It just wont stack up for you and you will find it tastes sickly sweet. Its so easy to quickly put together a healthy treat to nibble on. Read more

    Homemade Raspberry Chia Jam

    No added Sugar. I can think of loads of ways to use this... Read more

    Lactation Cookies

    What makes these cookies so special is that they contain galactagogues, which are substances that promote lactation in humans. The combination of our Pregnancy and Breastfeeding formula along with the oats are a winner! Read more

    Nutrient Dense Protein Museli Slice

    A great on the go snack, addition to lunchboxes, enjoyed with coffee or tea and makes a great post workout snack and is gluten free.
    Read more

    Orange and Lime Almond Cake

    This is a quick and easy cake recipe to have on standby for when you have guests and is great fro lunch boxes. You need to cook the oranges for a few hours but the rest is easy peasy! Read more

    Persian Love Cake

    A wonderful, fast to prepare and glorious to serve and enjoy dessert or morning/afternoon tea treat. Great for any occasion... Formal or informal. Read more

    Power Up Protein Superfood Balls

    One of my most popular recipes - these Powerballs make an ideal snack and are great pre and post workout. They are great in lunchboxes - big people and little peoples! Easy to make and can last in the fridge up to a week.. (problem is they tend to gone well before then)! Read more

    Powerup Powergen Protein Brownie

    It never ceases to amaze me what I can use our wholefood protein formulas for! Read more

    Raw Cacao Chocolate Discs

    In the need to satisfy a chocolate crave (we all have them) here is a super quick way to sort it! Read more

    Raw Chocolate/Berry and Ginger Super Slice

    This slice changes every time I make it. Read more

    Spiced Honey and Ginger Loaf

    This is one of my all time favourties. I love it just out of the oven with butter - but a day old is so very nice warmed in the toaster. A great lunch box treat - it is very easy to make and does not require a food processor. Read more

    Spiced Paleo Cake

    This is a great tasting spiced paleo cake full of goodness! We introduced it in our December newsletter as a Christmas cake but it is great all year round! You can also mix it up and give it a chocolate twist using our Blendz Balance and Enliven. Read more