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    Ingredient Ethos

    For me in my kitchen there are some things that remain consistent. For all of my recipes you can always assume that I adhere to the following:

    • My olive oil and coconut oils are always extra-virgin (unrefined and full of flavor).
    • The milks I used including coconut milk are always full cream. My dairy is from my local dairy and is unhomogenised.
    • Soy is tamari and is always wheat free.
    • Honey is always locally sourced, raw  and unfiltered.
    • Any salt our use is always Himalayan Crystal Salt from a good quality source. I prefer the changing habits brand with the dulce flakes through it for natural iodine.
    • Any dried fruits are always sulphur free.
    • Any ingredients including spices where possible are organic.
    • If using  anything that is store bought the ingredients list has been scrutinised.
    • There are never any artificial colours, flavours, refined sugars or additives in any of my food.
    • Labels that state natural flavours just don't cut it for me. This in itself can encompass a number of interesting ingredients. And if it's not all written out for me clearly as to what is in the product I don't Buy it. I don't do any guesswork nor I do trust my best interest is at heart.
    • I do make an effort to look for non-GM labels especially if something has come from the USA.
    • For my fresh produce I try to buy local. That way I know it's in season and intune with my body.
    • If something has been purchased from the store I always take the type of packaging into consideration. Getting to know your plastics or having a reference to them is important. I try not to buy too much in tins.  if they are you can buy BPA free lined.
    • The meat I purchase always from a sustainable grass fed source. I prefer to buy these organic. Again I like to look for local suppliers here where I know what they are feeding the animals. You are what you eat but you're also what your food eats! Having a really good relationship with your butcher, one that you feel comfortable asking a lot of questions to, is what you should have. You often have to rely on them to look for the best product on your behalf.
    • Any seafood I use is wild or line caught. And I like to think that it is a sustainable produce. The two go hand in hand. Again going local is easy as I am lucky enough to live by the seaside!