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    WE MAKE WHOLE FOOD, REAL FOOD FORMULAS THAT CLEANSE, NOURISH AND ENERGISE. Welcome! Natural Earth Health Products are Manufacturers and Distributors of Organic and Natural Health Foods. On our website you will see a range of highly beneficial food products aimed specifically at improving your well being. We want you to feel great! We want you to know what its like to feel HEALTHY... Inside and Out!

    At Natural Earth we are committed to helping you live a happier and healthier life through education and good nutrition. We live and love real and whole foods.

    Many common ailments begin as a result of eating highly processed foods, which have low nutritional value, are high in bad fats and low in soluble fiber. We believe a healthy digestive system is crucial for your overall health as it is the mechanism, which converts food into fuel and supplies the energy to power our body and resist disease. If our body is unable to process food properly, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals will just simply pass through our system undigested.

    A healthy digestive system is a MUST! Most people have no idea that 90% of disease starts in the GI tract.

    Managing Director, Sarah Clarke has a passion creating, sharing and inspiring a real food culture in todays homes. Part of which is teaching our children how to prepare and cook fast and tasty meals and snacks without the chemicals, preservatives and flavour additives that are found in packaged, pre prepared foods and are causing havoc on our bodies and our minds. Eating well, and eating for the long term is a priority. With a busy family of her own, she knows that it is a must to supply good nutrition for fuel and good health for our bodies. Sarah has had an amazing journey in researching and developing her products and lives by the following tips -

    • Drink pure, filtered water.
    • Try to buy organic produce. It increases the nutrient density and reduces the pesticide toll.
    • Choose food as close to its natural state as possible.
    • Look at the labels - check the ingredient list. Note the sugar content.
    • Exercise your amazing machine ... get it moving!
    • Get good quality sleep. Turn off all the lights.
    • Eat detox-promoting foods. Keep your system moving and clean.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
    • Read. Knowledge is power. What we’re now told is good for us has changed a lot since the good old food pyramid was created.
    • Laugh, sing, forgive and love!
    Gen 1:29 Superseed, our flagship products has been tried and tested and loved for over 26 years! An essential part of many peoples journey to recovery and wellness, it provides the body with easily digestable vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids - naturally from real foods. Our unique formulas include ingredients like Apple Pectin Fiber that promote detox and may assist with the repair and healing of the gut and the Inactive Nutritional Yeast, used for centuries to deliver natural high levels of B vitamins, protein and trace minerals.

    A family operated business, 100% Australian Owned with high ethics and we value our customers and love that more people are searching for better, nutrient dense, real food, functional food options. We are really picky for you when it comes to sourcing the freshest, highest quality ingredients and always opt to buy Australian when we can.

    Genesis 1:29. A bible verse that carries the message "Then God said “I give you  every seed - bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.” Amen!

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with your queries through the 'Contact' tab above or call 0407 572422. Many of our products are available in BULK - just let us know what you are chasing.