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    • 100% New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Antioxidant power for whole body support!
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    • PowerGen This 'whole food' supershake formula has the ability to give you the Power To Achieve your goals
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    • Custom Gen 1:29 Orders Customise your 5kg bag of superseed to meet your dietary needs
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    • Our natural protein blends use only Undenatured Cold Processed 80% Tasmanian Whey Protein Concentrate sourced from Pasture fed dairy cows
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    • Maintain a healthy body during and post pregnancy for the development of your new baby
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    About Natural Earth Health Products

    WE MAKE WHOLE FOOD, REAL FOOD FORMULAS THAT NOURISH, CLEANSE AND ENERGISE. Welcome! Natural Earth Health Products are Manufacturers and Distributors of Organic and Natural Health Foods. On our website you will see a range of highly beneficial food products aimed specifically at improving your well being. We want you to feel great! We want you to know what its like to feel HEALTHY... Inside and Out!

    At Natural Earth we are committed to helping you live a happier and healthier life through education and good nutrition. We live and love real and whole foods.... Read more

    whatever your goal, we have a wholefood product for you

    A powerful, delicious and natural way to help you stay young, balanced, healthy and alert!  Spices have been part of our food for many centuries, and today are widely used in many cultures as both food and medicine. The functional, wholefood ingredients in our Blendz range deliver macro, micro and essential trace nutrients to your body in their natural form imparting many health benefits above and beyond their nutritional value. These alkalising Blendz are loaded with  natural sources of B group vitamins.

    Organic Blendz Range »

    Whether you are a female wanting to lose body fat, reduce cravings, increase stamina, energy, vitality and retain lean muscle strength or a active man or woman, regular gym goer or athlete looking for a wholefood protein rich shake to support nutrition to help build a muscular physique and aid post-workout recovery we have the protein blend to support your goal!

    Wholefood Protein Smoothie Blends »

    Gen 1:29 Superseed is a nutrient dense blend created for nourishing cleansing and energising the body. A delicious flavour and versatile in use its use with smoothies, breakfast cereal/porridge, stirred through yoghurt or sprinkle over salads, to make dukkah, coat chicken and is great when used in baking ie, bread, muffins and make to healthy brownies (see our recipes section for ideas).

    Gen 1:29 Superseed Blends »